“Within a few weeks he was noticeably different”

We are very grateful for Alive Botanicals CBD. My autistic son who has also been diagnosed with epilepsy struggled for several years with severe anxiety, self injurious behaviors, aggression and insomnia. He saw countless Dr’s and specialist and tried several prescription medications. Some would work for a few weeks some didn’t work at all. Finally after a year and half of things progressively getting worse with no end in sight we tried Alive Botanical CBD. Within a few weeks he was noticeably different. His teachers, doctors and therapist all saw a difference. Now 3 months later he is taking 2 to 3 CBD pills a day. He is off all anti psychotic meds. And he is taking half the dose he use to take of his seizure medication. We highly recommend giving it a try. My son’s symptoms have only improved since starting CBD and he’s had no side effects.