Evie’s Drops Pure CBD Oil is a 2017 High Times “Best CBD Edible” Winner

Evie’s Drops Pure CBD Oil is a 2017 High Times “Best CBD Edible” Winner

The Story and the Win: Evie’s Drops Pure CBD Oil is a 2017 High Times “Best CBD Edible” Winner

We’re proud to announce that Evie’s Drops, our unique 20:1 CBD to THC cannabis oil formula, is a top 3 “Best CBD Edible” at High Times Cannabis Cup So-Cal 2017! We are so honored by this award for our pure flower CBD oil that we’d like to share the inspirational story behind Evie’s Drops.

It all started with a little girl named, Evie.

The Story of Evie’s Drops: How CBD Oil Helped A Little Girl With Epilepsy

Evie suffered from various types of epileptic seizures since she was a baby. Growing in intensity through her toddler years. Her mother, Miranda, tried several different medications for Evie – sometimes more than one at a time – but, with many side effects and little relief. Their lives changed when Miranda’s doctor showed her a story that hit the news about a young girl in Colorado who saw relief with CBD cannabis oil for seizures.

It seemed like Miranda had tried everything, but not pure cannabis CBD oil (not to be confused with CBD from hemp oil). Evie constantly had to wear a helmet and she was mostly confined to a chair, surrounded by pillows. She would fall sideways, backward, and forward; she had injuries from seizures that would strike at any moment. At her wits’ end, her mother decided to see what medical cannabis oil could do for Evie’s seizures.

Research: CBD Cannabis Oil for Seizures

Cannabidiol is one of the most exciting cannabinoids – natural compounds found in cannabis – that we are aware of today. Also known as CBD, cannabidiol is transforming from a little-known molecule, to a potential breakthrough nutritional component and treatment. Studies show it can act as an anticonvulsant  and antipsychotic. Research on CBD for conditions like epilepsy is limited, but it is quickly mounting with more scientists conducting modern marijuana studies.

In 2016, New York University Langone Medical Center neurologist, Orrin Devinksy, and his colleagues conducted one of the biggest studies of cannabis for epilepsy to date, adding to the evidence that suggests CBD could be effective against treatment-resistant epilepsy. Devinsky found that “overall ‘there were no surprising side effects – we can conclude that CBD appears to be safe in the short term’.”

“…it is ‘completely different than any other seizure drug we know … One fear is that because of the way that the drugs are tested and screened, we’ve ended up with a lot of ‘me-too’ drugs that are all very similar.’” — Devinsky, Scientific American

Evie’s experiences with CBD oil for seizures is overwhelmingly positive. Today, with the help of our non-psychoactive 20:1 (CBD:THC) cannabis oil, her seizures have dropped from over 700 a week to just a couple a day and her speech has improved dramatically. Now 9 years old she is able play with her toys, go to school, and live a more normal life.

“I felt like I was meeting my daughter for the first time because she finally woke up, she was a kid, instead of being in a shell in all this cloud from all the medications she was on. … She’s an awesome little girl and she loves life!” — Miranda Jackson, Evie’s mother

CBD Alive worked with Evie and Miranda to refine our Abundant 20:1 CBD oil drops. Many people now find this cannabidiol ratio helpful for spasms, convulsions, tremors, endocrine disorders, anxiety, depression, psychosis and other mood disorders, as well as overall wellness.

An Emerging Trend: CBD-Rich Medicinal Cannabis Oil

With success stories like Evie’s, and growing support for more research on CBD and epilepsy, it’s no wonder that CBD cannabis oil has become an available treatment option for many patients. The emerging science behind CBD-Rich Cannabis Oil as part of a treatment regimen has officially made its way into the mainstream. Beyond CBD for epilepsy and seizures, there’s research on CBD for anxiety, CBD for depression, as well as other physical and mental health problems, like PTSD, Crohn’s Disease, fibromyalgia, schizophrenia, and more.

“If you’re at the end of your rope and you’ve tried all these other medications, and they’ve done more harm than good, cannabis is definitely something great to try.” — Miranda Jackson, Evie’s mother

Some scientists and researchers, like Devinsky, agree, (noting that more data is still needed):

“I think, based on the evidence that we have, if a child has tried multiple standard drugs and the epilepsy is still severe and impairing quality of life, then the risks of trying CBD are low to modest at best.”

High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup 2017: CBD Alive Takes Home A Win

It is an honor to win third place in the “Best CBD Edible” category for Evie’s Drops at the 2017 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup, the world’s longest running, most respected, and leading marijuana trade show in the industry. We love that High Times recognizes CBD cannabis innovation with a number of awards, and are proud to be in such good company. See the full list of 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup So-Cal winners here.

Success stories like Evie’s make us believe even more in the healing power of pure cannabis CBD oil.  From seed to medicine, our plants are nurtured and our pure CBD oils are gently extracted to capture all of the essential healing elements. Our CBD oil products are made from the highest quality pure flower extracts, sustainably farmed using organic growing practices on our farm in Humboldt County, California. See here how we do things.