“Abdominal pain had really subsided he was more comfortable.”

A couple years ago, our son, Jake, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease/Ulcerative Colitis. Jake was 16 at the time. He was in a lot of pain, was tired, sleeping a lot and passing blood. Our Stanford doctor put Jake on many different medications: chemo pills (Methotrexate), Steroids, a special grain and dairy free diet, etc. Nothing worked to make him better. In fact, he was getting worse and we were afraid he would have to have surgery and have to have some of his ‘insides’ removed. I happened to mention this to my friend Mimi Peleg. Mimi explained to me about Cannabis and how it works on pain and inflammation in people. I was never one to believe that ‘Pot’ really did much for people except get them high. I was especially concerned with giving something like that to my teenage son! I was willing to try anything to help my son since nothing the medical world was doing for him was working. So Mimi helped me find the RIGHT type of CBD Oil for Jake and proper dose for him. Jake was on it for about a week or two and noticed his abdominal pain had really subsided and he was much more comfortable. We mentioned to our doctor what we were doing and how it was helping Jake with his pain.  After some time had passed, our doctor ordered an inflammation test to be done on him to see what his levels were. The results were AMAZING! His inflammation level went from being in the Thousands all the way DOWN to the low hundreds!!! We were blown away! So was his doctor! Jake has been on CBD’s for a couple years now and has shown very little symptoms if any of his Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis! We were absolutely thrilled with the oil we were getting from CBD ALIVE…and TOTALLY recommend it to anyone with this type of condition! Thank you CBD Alive for what you are doing to help people like Jake! Please don’t stop making your oil! I very much recommend CBD Alive to anyone who is curious about trying CBD Oil to help with their condition, pain and healing.”