“I just have to let you know that your company saved my life!!”

My name is Sam Robson, and I just have to let you know that your company saved my life!!

In February, I injured my leg, but then a month in, something scary happened – my pain got worse, my foot (not my leg) swelled up to twice the size of the other, and I didn’t know what to do.

Two months later, things were even worse, and I went to the doctors. It turns out that after my injury I had developed a rare, chronic, and incurable neuro-nerve disorder called CRPS/RSD, where basically, after my injury, my nerves hijacked my brain and sent permanent pain signals to my nerves and pain receptors.

Even though my leg had “healed”, it was the worst pain I’ll ever feel in my life – my entire foot and leg felt completely shattered, as if there were no healthy bone in it, and it was also on fire.

I could barely stand let alone walk. I learned, at 26, that I was only 2-3 years away from a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

Then Gary at Wellness Energy in Studio City told me about your new 20:1 abundant tincture, and the success he’d had with it.

I took his advice, and low and behold, it was working. NOTHING else worked for my nerve pain, and I’m a health coach, so I refuse to put pharmaceuticals in my body.

Long story short, with your tincture and capsules, the pain was still bad, but tolerable enough to start trying to walk again. After a month or so, I was able to teach myself how to walk again, and I literally wouldn’t have been able to do that without your medicines!!

In fact, it was such a profound experience that I decided to give up screenwriting career I’d worked years to build, to start my own health and wellness company, focusing on the customer’s health, as opposed to my bottom line.

You’ve changed my life and the lives of others I’ve shared this story with, so keep doing what you’re doing, you’re CHANGING LIVES!!