It is Spring 1991. A year and a half after the Loma Preita Earthquake, though should be called the Santa Cruz Earthquake. Pre-earthquake I had a booming clothing company with 7 company owned Bay Area Stores, a national mail order, over 100 employed and plans to be the next GAP. Now, post-earthquake, the company has shrank to half that and the prospect of insolvency was very real. I went up to my brother’s place in Southern Humboldt, at the time he had a booming children’s music company, to write and produce what I hoped would be the new catalog that would re launch Chi. Didn’t happen that way. Chi was forced to close the week that the new catalog came back from the printers. I had made it to be visionary. I wrote a piece as though it was 1995. Four years still in the future. More than I ever imagined has come true. Here it is for you.

The art is by Rowena Pattee Kryder. She has since passed on. I had worked with her, taking her visionary art and using it as graphic designs for my clothing. Her vision and art had the highest degree of integrity and creativity.