I just wanted to thank you for developing your THCA drops (1:5 ratio, 188 mg of THCA). I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s in the early stages but it had already had a severe impact on my life. I hurt all the time. I had chills and struggled to sleep. It was hard to play with my two-year-old and I struggled with feeling sad all the time because I worried there was no way to feel better. I started taking these drops in August. (If you track anecdotal use of medicine, I am 5’6, female, 140 pounds and take 5 drops every evening.) I have been nearly symptom-free and the only side effect is that I have my life back. I experience no psychoactive effects, which is what I want because I am a busy mom. My relationship with my family is restored because I sleep properly and wake up in the morning happy and rested. I don’t have to sit out at playtime and my husband no longer worries about me being in pain or feeling depressed. This is a great product and I hope that other people with RA can learn about it and see if it can help them as much as it has helped me.”