I have been having issues with nerve irritation down my arms coming from compression’s in my neck from whiplash injuries. This has been coming on the last 3 years and the last year constantly. The nerve irritation expressed itself as a deep in there burning/itching that was mostly at night and so sever I woke up a couple of times most every night and could not sleep. It was driving me crazy and nothing helped except for the coldest ice put up against the skin and as soon as the cold diminished the intense reaction started again. It was way, way worse than poison oak even. On a hunch I got the Joint/Muscle Elixir in January and put some on around the spine in my neck. Just a thin coating. That night I slept through the night with no problems. Next night I put a little bit on and the same results. I repeated that every night with the same results, sleeping well and no burning/itching/pain whatsoever for maybe 5 days or so. Here we are early July and still nothing. I did not put any salve on for several months and I am still just fine and thanking God for this incredible and surprising gift. The last month I have started to come aware of that there might be some healing aspect to the treatment and it might be good to continue putting a little bit of salve on even thought there is no discomfort so I have started to put some on occasionally just to give some extra support and love. Immensely grateful! You have no idea!