How can I access your products?

Currently, California law requires you to purchase our products through a dispensary (walk-in or delivery, but not through the mail). You must prove your eligibility to use medical marijuana to access medical cannabis products through a dispensary. This is free and can be done online using our application. Californians with a doctor’s recommendation to use medical cannabis are invited to join the CBD NOW! Collective and experience the benefits of CBD-rich cannabis. To carry our CBD-rich cannabis products in your dispensary, you may fill out our dispensary reseller application.

Can I apply online?

Yes. To apply for membership to CBD Now! Collective, you will need to have a scanned copy of the following documents: your state-issued ID (such as your California driver’s license), your official doctor’s recommendation to use medical cannabis, and a signed copy of our membership application. Please be aware that your use of this website and application form means that you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We do our best to protect your information but cannot absolutely guarantee data security. If this makes you uncomfortable, or you would rather complete your application offline for any other reason, you may do so by sending a copy of the required documents listed above to our office at CBD Now! Collective, PO Box 1460, Redway CA 95560.

Is medical cannabis legal?

CBD Alive is a product line licensed from Alive Botanicals, by and for the CBD NOW! Collective, which operates as a legal, not-for-profit collective, registered with the State of California, abiding by state law. (See Prop 215.) For more information, The Marijuana Policy Project has a regularly-updated summary of California legislation.

Have questions? We are happy to assist!

We believe that cannabis is part of a healthy lifestyle and are committed to providing you with products that make each day more enjoyable.