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SunGrow is a permitted and licensed medical marijuana dispensaries allowed to operate in the city of Desert Hot Springs on March of 2015. SunGrow is a Mutual Benefit, Non-Profit Organization, officially registered with the State of California and acting in strict accordance with California Proposition 215 & Senate Bill 420, Attorney General Guidelines and in compliance with Health & Safety Code 1136.5 and 11362.7 ET SEQ.

Here at SunGrow, our warm and caring staff of volunteers are educated and knowledgeable about our medicine. Our patients are getting the Best Award Winning Medicine at an Award Winning First Class Medical Marijuana Collective.

We are committed to providing our members with natural alternatives to treat their pain and suffering with a large selection of the highest award winning quality medication at reasonable prices and we offer a compassion program for patients in need.

We are dedicated to keeping our members safe, discreet and comfortable while providing them with the very best medicines to aid in chronic, debilitating and life threatening illnesses.

Our members come from all walks of life and suffer from various illnesses and diseases including AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Glaucoma, CP, Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Chronic Pain, Nausea, Anxiety, Seizure Disorder Insomnia, Autism, Eating Disorders and Crohn’s Disease.
We are also very active in community development for the City of Desert Hot Springs and the medical cannabis community.

Ask us about Compassionate Medicine for Cancer/AIDS/Terminally Ill Patients

SunGrow Collective & CBD Center
17003 Palm Dr
Desert Hot Springs, California 92240
Phone: 760-329-5000