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ENDOCANNABINOIDS Cannabinoids made by our bodies

EndoCannabinoids are fatty neuro transmitting or messaging molecules synthesized by our bodies as an adaptive response to cellular stress, aimed at reestablishing cellular homeostasis. Or . . . cannabinoids are the language our bodies use on the cellular level to...

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Health is the Revolution: RECEPTORS Part 2

What makes the ECS receptors from all other receptors is that most receptors have just one substance or impulse that will stimulate it, the usual single key and lock model, with only one key to unlock functionality to do one thing. The ECS receptors do the impossible....

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Health is the Revolution: RECEPTORS Part 1

A receptor is a protein molecule that receives messaging signals from outside a cell and passes it into the interior of the cell to initiate a cellular response. Cannabinoid receptors are in the family of G-protein coupled receptors. Cannabinoid receptors function as...

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